The Hannah Arendt Working Group

Fred Dewey

@ Treize

What is thinking? What is a public? What is labor? What is work? What is responsibility? What are masses? Why is fiction crucial for totalitarianism and terror? What is plurality? What is courage? Such concerns are a few of the phenomena examined by Hannah Arendt, one of our era’s most controversial, rich, and radical thinkers. The Hannah Arendt Working Group is a mobile gathering, meeting in public spaces, dedicated to close, broad examination of Arendt’s texts. De-emphasizing academic methods, the Working Group is designed to heighten awareness of the language we use, pushing through clichés, prejudices, and mere concepts, to build an active and full, thinking participation in our world. No prior experience with Arendt or outside readings are required or necessary.

In collaboration with Treize — in english
Sunday 16th April, Wednesday 19th April, Sunday 23rd April, Wednesday 26th April, Sunday 30th April & Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Wednesdays : 7:30pm / 10:30pm
Sundays : 11am / 2pm

The Paris session will meet twice weekly for three weeks, reading the Arendt text out-loud, around a table, twice a week, starting in April. It is free and open to the public, and will be conducted in English. The Working Group is led by Fred Dewey, teacher, activist, and author of The School of Public Life (Errant Bodies, 2014). He has conducted working group sessions in Berlin, London, Oslo, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles, at public spaces, squats, and universities. He is based in Los Angeles and Berlin.