Disgorgement of “The Mysterious Egyptian” in an order chosen by the audience

Hadji Ali (c. 1887–92 – November 5, 1937[note 1]) was a vaudeville performance artist, thought to be of Egyptian descent, who was famous for acts of controlled regurgitation. His best-known feats included water spouting, smoke swallowing, and nut and handkerchief swallowing followed by disgorgement in an order chosen by the audience.


Le motif du personnage de trois-quarts dos, sortant une carte de sa ceinture.


Charles de Gaulle


Adam Curtis

All you see and hear is you / when you’re in the social networks

Ces immeubles sont spéciaux / parce qu’ils ne sont pas vraiment des maisons



La seule chose qui fonctionne dans le vide – Sphères, P. Sloterdijk